Monthly Archives: October 2009

Open Wheel Race Cars

AtomOpenWheelCarWhat is an open wheel race car? It is the real racing tool. And there is nothing better to experience a real race simulation with.

Koenigsegg CCX in Video Racing Games

KoenigseggCCX2The video game racing presence of the almighty Swedish ultra super car. What a better way of experiencing the ultimate power on your race simulator.

GT Championship

GTchampMazThe FIA GT Championship is a sports car racing series organized by the Stéphane Ratel Organisation (SRO) at the behest of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The championship is mostly concentrated in Europe, but throughout the years has visited other continents including Asia and South America.

Console Video Game Platforms

Ps3NewA quick review thought the history of the most popular way of video game racing. Consoles have never been a better platform for ultra racing experience.

Simbin Video Racing Games

RaceProOne almost forgotten, but very serious video game racing developer. Been gone for a while, but back in business with some very very good simulators.

Jeff Gordon

NasCar09The four time NasCar champion has given a lot to video game racing. His phenomenal talent has been a benchmark for many racing enthusiasts around the globe. With his help gamers learn tricks and trivia about the unique american motor sport.

Nascar Series

NasCar2The EA Sports NASCAR series is a series of NASCAR video games published by EA Sports.

Black Bean Video Racing Games

SuperStarsV8The video game studio best known for their quite good SuperBike race simulations and the not so good SuperStarsV8 game.