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Ferrari F40 Supercar in Video Game Racing

F40Forza3One of greatest Ferrari models of all times. Its unique performance and driving physics have put F40 in every single video game that dares to be called a driving simulation.

PC Video Game Racing

PCgaming3The PC was the founder of video gaming and even that console platforms are taking more and more advantage lately, PC are still a very significant part of todays modern video game world.

Sony in Video Game Racing

SonyLogoSony is not just the most powerful video game console manufacturer. It is actually the foundation behind the most powerful video racing games, as well.

HD-DVD Player in Video Game Racing

Xbox360HDDVDThe Microsoft’s Xbox360 HD-DVD player was introduced in 2006. Although this device never had an actual gaming purpose, it was welcomed by many. It was purely designed for view HD-DVD content like movies and high definition programs and video.

Blu-Ray in Video Racing Games

BluRayLogoThe latest High Definition Optical Drive. Enormous multimedia possibilities for the greatest game realism yet.


MultimediaMultimedia in video gaming is everything. Everything we see, hear and experience when playing. The games alone are material full of multimedia, from start to finish.

Microsoft in Video Game Racing

MSgamesLogoThe Microsoft’s role in video game racing. The market’s most popular video racing games solution. With great number of titles available and gaming hardware made especially for them, Microsoft’s gaming has never been more solid.

Open Wheel Race Cars

AtomOpenWheelCarWhat is an open wheel race car? It is the real racing tool. And there is nothing better to experience a real race simulation with.