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Nintendo Wii Video Game Console

The best selling video game console. Revolutionary gameplay and affordable prices made Nintendo Wii the most wanted gaming accessory ever. Tremendous gaming with friendly and intuitive interface guaranteeing total fun for the whole family. And now even for driving simulations.

Play Station 2 Video Games Platform

Ps2SlimThe longest living video game console from Sony. Best ever selling gaming platform. And probably the best racing foundation.

PSP Play Station Portable Video Game Platform

pspThe ultimate gaming and multimedia power of PlayStation in your pocket. The latest internet and wireless possibilities available everywhere you go.

Wireless Technology in Video Game Controllers and Accessories

MicrosoftXbox360WirelessRacingWheel Wireless technology becomes an everyday feature in almost every type electronic devices. But is it really ready for video game racing simulations?

HDMI Video Racing Games

HDMIThe latest high definition audio and video interface for HD televisions and monitors.


Xbox360eliteMicrosoft's heavy artillery in the console wars. Providing gamers of all age, with an absolute gaming satisfaction. Number two so far, after Nintendo's Wii but miles ahead of Sony's PlayStation3. I wonder why.


Ps3controllerThe most powerful gaming console at present. Exceptional multimedia capabilities including Blu-Ray player. Not to mention its graphics limits. Unlimited.