Driving Seat Simulators for Video Games Racing

41a8vTJV1aLVideo game racing can be a bit tricky. Because of the fact that the video racing games are getting more and more realistic, this genre of video games has become a little bit sensitive if I may say it like that.
It is “sensitive” because the standard controls your PlayStation3 or Xbox360 come with a simply not the right tool for super fast race mastering. They can still do the job, but the question is if they can get the job done!
Well, they can’t. Simple as that. If you want to experience the best out of your latest Forza3 or GT5 or even older games like Project Gotham Racing series or the arcade style Need for Speed, you will need a driving seat simulator with a proper steering wheel on it. I am not even thinking about playing a Formula One game with all the realistic options switched on while sitting on your sofa with your game controller.racer
If you are a real race fan and love your video simulations you need a proper racing seat set. You just cant compromise with your race.
We all know the frustration you get when your pedals slide under your feet or your desk or coffee table just turn together with your wheel. If this happens on your perfect lap you are just ruined. We all know the feeling.
No. If you want to race well you need a race seat. The seat and the chassis offer stability you will never get from a table and a chair. Stability you NEED in order to push your car to the limit. When driving in a race simulator you feel relaxed and much more confident. You show your real skills on the track. Instead of putting so much effort in actually trying to keep your wheel from going all over the place, you race. You need this in order to get your car to the point of ultimate speed.racing-chair
Of course the complete race simulator depends very much on the wheel you use, but even if you have the very simple and cheap wheel and pedals set, you still feel better.
There is not real drive simulation without a race seat. And luckily the available choice is not that big and therefor decisions can be made much easier. There are only a few racing seat simulators out there, that are actually worth the discussion and are in almost affordable range.
GameRacer, OpenWheeler and PlaySeatA1 are the models that are affordable and provide all the stability and comfort needed for a true racing experience. VisionRacer is a little bit out of their competition, because of its size and most of all its price.xl_image_GRACC003_b
All of the above provide great foundation for great race simulations. They are all perfect in their simple but very effective design and structure. With the OpenWheeler been the cheapest and with most comfortable and flexible seat, the decision is almost made. The rest can not offer anything better then the OpenWheeler, they are just heavier, more expensive and less flexible.
The choice is clear.