Formula One Championship Edition

Formula One Championship Edition is a racing video game, developed by SCE Studio Liverpool and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, for the Sony PlayStation3.
Currently the  F1CE is the only licensed Formula 1 game available. The game follows the basic structure of F1 06 on the Playstation 2. The main differences includes the updated visuals for the PS3 including a lot more detail, SIXAXIS compatibility, real time reflections, car reflections on wet circuits and new wet weather effects.

Input Controls
It supports Logitech‘s force feed back effects and if you have the right gear you will definitely have the grand prix of your live. By “the right gear” I mean proper steering wheel and of course a race seat.
I tried it with my Logitech Driving Force GT wheel on  my Game Racer.  It felt astonishing. With the right wheel and pedal adjustments I felt I was a real Formula1 driver.    All I needed was gloves and a helmet.

The visual effects were just phenomenal.F1CERedBullsnap-shot So real I couldn’t stop playing the replays of my races. Absolutely fantastic graphics.

Game Play
The gameplay though was a bit “same old stuff”F1ceWetRace. The actual game  wasn’t much different than the PS2 version.  Everything was almost the same, just way better looking. Which is still a plus of course. Big plus!

The game also boasts dynamic weather, and improved AI. The AI system is caF1ceAIlled “Live Action Racing” where you can pressure the opposition, causing them to make little mistakes such as running wide on corners, causing them to crash into other cars or spin off the road of their own accord. The AI will seek opportunities to pass the player in a realistic manner.
Unfortunately this is where the problems start. . .

It is so “realistic” that the AI never misses a chance to knock you out of the race when behind you. Seriously, it turns all your rivals into brutal kamikazes. The AI just doesn’t care. If you are slower then your rival, it will literally run over you if you don’t make way.F1ceGamePlay The machine does not manoeuvre like a normal opponent will. If you don’t move away from its race line you are both out. The system doesn’t care about losing points.

Race Modes
This is not a problem if you play the EASY or NORMAL modes. F1CEcrash-sceneThe AI just cant get close enough to you  to crash your car out of the race. Which is not something that a real race enthusiast have to be comfortable with. These two modes are so ridiculously easy to win, that you will hate the game for that. The only way you don’t win the race is to get a technical failure or to fall asleep whilst driving and crash your car in the barriers.
The HARD mode though is a total opposite, its so damn hard. You stand no chance my friend. You need to become so  technical with the car settings and so flawless with your driving, in order to win. And still, would you be able to keep up with that pace for 60 laps? I doubt it.
Yeah, this is probably the seconF1ceDinamicWeatherd and final problem of the game. The lack of  intermediate race difficulty is definitely a problem for most of us. I remember  Geoff Grammond’s GrandPrix series. The real  F1 game. There was a level of hardness  for  everyone. Such a shame we cant have this breathtaking and exhilarating all time classic on our new machines.

The Upshot
Apparently one cant have it all. But the modern consoles and race seat simulators are the future. So my fellow racers, adapt.
And after all, things can only get better for video racing.

Developer: SCE Studio Liverpool

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platforms: PlayStation 3

Release Dates: March 23, 2007