Forza3 Video Game Racing Simulation


When it comes to proper video game race simulations, most of just automatically start thinking  about the GranTurismo games. Everybody knows Polyphony Digital’s phenomenal ability to create driving sims better than any other video game racing developer. Although Sony have the best game hardware inside their PlayStation3 and Logitech make their superb range of steering wheels especially for them, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody who likes game racing should change platform straight away. Microsoft’s Xbox360 has the greatest number of games titles and greater fen club. But somehow they were always behind in the racing genre.

Their PGR and Forza Motorsport series were very, very good indeed, but there were bits and peaces missing everywhere. But now at the end of 2009, the racing world is about to change. Maybe because of that huge GranTurismo5 delay or just the others lack of close enough driving engines, but the truth is, the new Forza is the best racer at present and one of the greatest ever made.

Forza Motorsport 3

The first thing you notice when starting the game is the car choice. And not just the number of vehicles available – about 400, but the actual access to them. They are all vacant to whoever has the money. You don’t need to spend any time straggling to win nonsense races in order to get the cars unlocked. As long as you win some cash, the dealership is open. You can get straight into a Veyron, with a million credits upfront of course.
All the cars are perfect. Detailed to the very last pixel. With driving assist switched off, you can even tell the difference between them. All of them. The visuals of the cars interiors and track environments are simply breathtaking. It feels like GranTurismo’s version for Xbox. No really, the game is everything the Prologue is from the inside, but with proper cars and tracks varieties. I have always been a GT fen and never owned an Xbox, but believe me if Sony fail to release GT5 again in March, I am moving on. Moving to the the other camp. It totally feels like Microsoft are looking after their people much better than Sony.

Gameplay and AI

I tried the new Forza with OpenWheeler racing seat simulator and Microsoft  Xbox360 Wireless Steering Wheel. But even before that when I was just playing around with the menu, I noticed that the standard controller is actually good enough for real racing sim. Not good good enough, but good enough.

The wheel was absolutely fantastic though. The communication I had with the track phenomenal. And that was a wheel without the latest force feedback technology and a full 900 degree rotation like a G25 for example. It was just Microsoft’s only driving solution. I seriously can not imagine what that game would feel like if it was working on a PlayStation with a Logitech steering system. The Ferrari I was taming took my breath away. Literally. OpenWheeler’s racing seat held my fine figure of man (14st.), comfortable and in perfect driving position during the whole afternoon of racing.
Forza3 uses Turn 10′s Drivatar game engine, which technicaly teaches the AI based on a yours driving style. It basically learns from you and your mistakes. A very challenging opponent indeed. But with the right racing equipment you become unbeatable. A true master of world’s greatest tracks and roads. Tamer of the world’s greatest automotive beasts.


Talking about the car selection and track variations is pointless. Even if the game was only offering 5 tracks and 10 cars it was still going to be a total hit. It simply has the ingredients to be a smashing title. But no, the game isn’t just a three years old “prologue” to something that has almost become an illusion no, the game comes with its full content. Having the potential to feed everybody’s need for speed and keep them fed for a very long time. A beautiful game with spot on controls. A giant leap ahead in race simulations.
A really great news for all the exhausted GT worshipers who are still committed to wait for their exemplary racing game of their dreams.

Developer: Turn 10 Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: Xbox360
Release date: October 23, 2009