Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

You probably all remember the original Juice from 2005. The game didn’t have anything worth remembering, but some might still know it. Well, the sequel is here and its called Hot Import Nights. There’s nothing hot about it though. There are some “repairs” been done in the positive direction, but the game is still far, very far from perfect. Far from normal, even.

The New Old
Juiced2screenShotThe calendar-driven events have been removed from the game modes. And you won’t have to pay for car repair. But the controls are even worse then the original Juice. There are just to sensitive. Overly sensitive. There’s no way you can keep the car in straight line. You may find this useful for drifting, but come on, this isn’t right. You can’t have a race game, acting like you are sliding around on ice all the time. And I am talking driving round the Aifel Tower, not rally Finland. You laterally feel the car skidding non stop. Probably not a problem because no normal race fan can actually spend more than 10 minutes racing Juice 2 (if you can call that racing). But I feel really so bad about that only person who will ever buy that game. This isn’t a race game! You know these funny go-kart games for little kids age 3-5? Well they drive more realistically!
Don’t even think about trying it with a race simulator, hoping that things might actually get better with a wheel on. Stop dreaming, this game is helpless.

They almost got the tracks right. Still far from it, but comparing to the rest of the game issues, tracks are fine. Car customization options aren’t that bad as well. But what good are they, when you can’t drive the tuner you’ve spent hours “perfecting”.Juced2gameAction

The racing world never needed Juice 2. Its true that not much has been happening in the genre lately, but please, nobody asked for that painful sequel. That game needs a total recall from the game shops.

Developer: Juice Games/Paradigm Entertainment (PC and PS3)
Publisher: THQ
Distributor: THQ/Valve Corporation
Platform: PC, PSP, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, Nintendo DS;
Release date: October 19, 2007