Logitech Driving Force GT Steering Wheel


The Logitech Driving Force GT Steering Wheel, specially designed for Grand Turismo5 is a force feed back wheel offering real time settings adjustments right from the wheel itself. With  900 degree rotating angle it is very similar to a normal car and matches the  rotation of the category leading Logitech G25. That means it will spin around about 2.5 times lock to lock. All the steering you will ever need.
There is no gated shifter and the pedals lack a clutch pedal. The pedals have a nice stout feel to them and throttle position and brake position are easy to control. The wheel itself is well sized with a thick rim and a rubber molding for good grip.
The controls on the wheel are the main feature of the GT. The red rimmed 24-position real-time adjustment dial controls things like brake bias, traction control or other settings in GT5. This is the first racing wheel that has offered a control like this for real-time control of the cars performance. Many real super cars cars include controls such as this. Its the absolute GT5 companion.
The problem is that the wheel is only compatible with PS3 and the control functions are only possible in the GT5 game. No other racer offers this compatibility.

Shame really, because this wheel is a great peace of equipment for any racing game.LogitechGT The force feed back is tremendous. You feel every twist and track surface. The vibrations are almost real.
But being realistic you will probably never need any other racing wheel for your PS3. I might say apart of the G25 this is probably the best wheel for PS3 out there at the moment. And with the price been reduced to under £100, the GT is definetely the best value for money. It also saves you money for additional mounting platforms for the gear shifter.