Logitech Driving Force Wireless Steering Wheel

The need of decent driving hardware

Video racing games are becoming more and more realistic. They evolve so much and so quick that simulation isn’t a very complete description anymore. Racing games started to have more and more in common  with real driving. Car behaviors and tracks response, damage and weather effects. Everything gets so real that hardware can not cope with gameplay.
Total racing super games like Gran Turismo for Sony PlayStation 3 and Forza Motor Sport for Microsoft Xbox360 are the perfect example for the heights of perfection video game racing has reached. Games so realistic that not everybody can tame. All the world’s best cars plus more, waiting to be driven to their absolute limit on the world’s best tracks and roads. Consoles powerful enough to recreate real live environment and cars behavior. Full HD graphics to express all that fantastic gameplay in optimum levels.
There is this one thing missing though. Having the best console platform with the latest copy of the greatest video game racer isn’t enough. Simply because standard controllers can not provide driving capabilities. Playing a racing game with the normal PS3 controller is having a laugh. Honestly. One needs a steering wheel in order to get the maximum out of the game. A wheel with a racing seat simulator actually, but for starters just the wheel will do.

Only the best is an option

There are many and many steering wheels manufacturers offering wide ranges of models. But only one maker deserves talking about. Logitech. They made  home racing simulations as good as the super expensive driving simulators. Models like G25, G27 and Driving Force GT allowed us all to know what driving a Ferrari, Bugatti or a Formula One super car is. Without having to be born a millionaire to have the chance to do it. They have always managed to top all the genre’s segments. And now they brought us a simpler more affordable and less hesitating steering solution. The wireless Logitech Driving Force.
Not the best option really, but its simple and clever design will satisfy all that middle level of sim racing enthusiast. The wheel is cordless, well apart if the power cord, but still very maneuverable around the house. There is no pedals console so getting out for a quick race will never be a hustle. Looks amazingly stylish and solid. Do understand me well, though. This wheel is only for semi realistic racing simulations. A step higher that driving with the standard controller. This is a coffee table wheel. Not a proper racing seat simulator one. There are no pedals. Driving position doesn’t really make a difference. You only use your hands and fingers to drive. A racing cockpit will be better for your back and shoulders, but come on! Whoever buys a simulator won’t be even thinking of getting a wireless wheel with no pedals. Not to mention that Logitech Driving Force Wireless doesn’t have clamps for fastening. It will only hold on that velcro strip that simulators like OpenWheeler come with.

The verdict

Definitely not a hard core sim racers solution. Good enough for some fun after dinner or for kids that can not reach the pedals anyway. If you need massive force feedback and 900 degree rotation, you have to go for a higher model class. Something like the Driving Force GT or if a couple of hundred quid is no problem, the G25.