Logitech G25 Racing Wheel

The Logitech G25, is a force feedback racing wheel with high end finish and a pedal set which incorporates three pedals instead of the usual two. Also has the gear shift that allows you to choose between using the standard six speed H pattern to change gear or the sequential shift. All this promises to provide the ultimate racing experience for at home.
The main thing about the G25 is the materials this racing wheel has been made of.  It is encased in hand stitched leather, and the sequential shift paddles are made of stainless steel. But “inside” is where the real advantage of that wheel is. G25 is capable of 900 degrees of wheel rotation equating to 2-1/2 turning times from lock to lock which is ideal for any racing simulator and also provides tremendous force feed back effect. Depending on the game you play, you will be amazed by that super real feedback.logitechg25racingwheel

LogitechG25shifterThe sequential shift paddles are absolute great to use. With almost zero flex when pressing them they are nearly perfect.
The gear shifter has a cover like a real one and the gear knob is upholstered in real leather, making it look almost real. Logitech’s G25 pedal choice is fantastic and not just for the inclusion of a clutch pedal, the feel each of the pedals has is the most realistic of any racing wheel I have ever used. Each pedal has its own unique resistance level making them very responsive and greatly increasing the realism in your racing games.
Logitech use a dual motor force feedback system. The force feedback is highly accurate in the way it reproduces the feel you get from the wheel of a car as it drives, the movement is smooth and just fantastic.
Mounting the steering wheel to either your desk or race frame can be accomplished in several ways. The steering wheel makes use of a dual clamping system and with the aid of two plastic screw knobs, located on the top of the main wheel enclosure, can be mounted on your tabletop. After tightening the knobs these can be sunk down into the casing by pushing down on them and turning them a quarter way  ensuring that these don’t stick out.
After I tried GT5 on my PS3 I realized that after all  those high spec features and real life materials, the G25 doesn’t make such a big difference. I mean the games are just not so “manual clutch” friendly. I had to keep the function off almost all the time because it just wasn’t the real thing. Having the manual shifter on the side of my racing simulator was absolutely amazing. Driver gets the ultimate shift control. Using the  sequential shift paddles is even better, especially playing the F1 CE game.

But the truth is, you get the same driving experience using the much cheaper Logitech GT for instance. And you get all the real time setting controls right on your steering wheel. You only get the 2 pedals (brake and throttle) but this is all you need actually.