Logitech G27 Steering Wheel for Video Race Simulations

About the brand

Logitech have always been the ultimate gaming accessories producer. And not only gaming, their products are most popular in every single genre of computing, home entertainment, multimedia and gadget manufacturing. But there is one particular area where Logitech are indisputable leader. Namely the video racing steering wheels solutions.
No other wheel manufacturer is even getting close to Logitech’s performance. All of their wheel models are totally superb. Their entry model is times better that others end of line products. Their force feedback effect and full 900 degree rotation angle is unbeatable. Logitech are still lacking Microsoft Xbox360 support, but we don’t thing this actually effecting serious racers. Because after all, the best driving games only come for Play Station 3. And whatever is missing for some reason, can always be found on a PC.
But yes, Logitech are mainly PS3 orientated. They even released a special Gran Turismo wheel. That features real time setting buttons that make the GT game even more fantastic and best. Driving Force GT is an incredible peace of technology with a shockingly affordable price tag.
The upper class steering wheels was led by the G25 model. For so many years the flagship of Logitech stood as a very high benchmark for the whole of racing simulations world. Incomparable this wheel showed the way forward. The way to the ultimate home driving environment.
But with the game racing software evolving all the time the time for even better steering solution has come. Without discontinuing the G25, Logitech proudly announced the birth of its successor – the almighty G27 Racing Wheel.

The best steering wheel evolved

Likewise the G25 the first impression the G27 gives is its looks. That special touch of luxury making you feel the super car experience. For the millions of us who had never tried a real exotic car like Ferrari or Bugatti, this wheel simply delivers that phenomenal confidence in the grip of your hands. Very bright LED indicators show the high revs and the need to shift gear, which is absolutely tremendous with the fine aluminum paddle shifters. Total top quality in everything. Some issues only appear in the pedals console. Pedals seem to be quite close to each other. Which might be a problem for grown ups with shoe sizes 10 and above.


We tried the G27 on an OpenWheeler racing seat simulator. The cockpit that for us is everything a serious racer will ever need. We needed the additional gear shifter mount in order to use the H pattern gear box changer. Driving feels so much better and sophisticated. Confident like never before. Gran Turismo and Formula One games were like brand new. I though I was driving a totally new versions of those two legends. Pure driving, reacing realism in unknown form.

The negative

Only one trouble. The price. £329! That’s a lot. Not many can actually afford to pay this, knowing the fact that the console itself, the racing seat simulator and the wide screen TV are almost another £1500. And considering buying and playing without a proper cockpit chair is ridiculous. The whole set has to be accomplished.
A peace of advice my fellow racers. If you are not ready for this kind of investment, Do Not try the G27. Once you’ve had a lap there is no going back to other wheel. And the £329 is everything you’ll be thinking of.