When it comes to video game racers, the first thing you probably think of is the wheel. The steering wheel and pedals. Because no matter what people say, racing games are meant to be played with wheels. Forget the controller. No matter your platform (PS3, Xbox360, PC etc.), the controller is just not for racing. If you are a real petrol head, you cant compromise with your race. Controllers are for Street Fighter. Forget it! You need a steering wheel with gear shifter and pedals. And a racing seat of course if you want to have it all. All you need for a real race simulation.
So the wheel. There are many wheels out there, but probably only one manufacturer that actually makes proper wheels. Logitech are pioneers in video gaming hardware. Their wheels are times above the rest. I am talking the affordable class. LogitechDrivingForceGTRacingWheel
With the 900 degree rotating function plus the tremendous force feed back effect, Logitech’s wheels are miles ahead. Most of the leading game software supports them all and even offers special functions. logitechg25racingwheelLike the GranTurismo5 offering direct setting controls on the Driving Force GT.
Unfortunately you cant have any of these wheels for Xbox or Xbox360. You can still play some of them on your PC, but most of the range is especially designed for PlayStation.