Microsoft in Video Game Racing

MSgamesLogoMicrosoft Game Studios is a brand owned by Microsoft and introduced in 2002 to represent the company as a video game publisher, coinciding with the launch of the Xbox. Games published by Microsoft under the MGS label are typically released for the Windows and/or Xbox (360) platforms exclusively, regardless of whether the developer is a first or third party.Xbox360
Xbox360, Microsoft’s latest video game console and probably the leading platform in the gender, is everything today’s gamers need. Brilliant graphics and compatibility plus the biggest games choice available. No other platform has vaster title list. PlayStation2 is probably close, but the games there are a bit out of date. PlayStation3 might be more powerful and better platform for multimedia, but its nowhere near Xbox’s game support.
When talking about video game racing and Xbox360 or any of the older Microsoft platforms and titles, the first thing everybody thinks of is the Project Gotham Racing series. And absolute hit from day one. And been especially created for Xbox, this racer is everything about Microsoft’ video race simulation. All the four versions are from better to best.Forza3
And of course the Forza Motorsport series. Another great video game simulator developed by Turn10 for Xbox and Xbox only. No one else.PGR4
And to conclude their complete circle of video race simulation solutions, Microsoft have created their own steering wheel – the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel. Very solid peace of game hardware, that will make a huge difference when played with this platform.
Video racing is the gender where Microsoft have done well. No other video game consoles manufacturer have made their own complete racing solution. Console platform – Games variety – Dedicated steering wheel controller, that is 100% compatible with them.MSwheel