Nintendo Wii Remote Gaming Controller


The Wii remote gaming controller or the way gamers call it, the WiiMote is the primary and official gaming controller for Nintendo Wii console. With its main feature, the motion sensing function. Which allows gamers to interact gameplay with gestures and free style hands moves. It has an integrated accelerometer and optical sensors. The other important feature that makes the overall Wii experience so special is the attachments option. Like the NunChuck. A combination between the Wii remote and an analog controller. That gives the console gamepad functions. The controller was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show on October 14th 2005. And since then has never left the top charts. Gaming was totally reinvented. With fantastic titles and great fun in all of them, Nintendo broke all the records.

Total innovation

Thanks to WiiMote, gaming is back to its original idea. To relax and entertain people. Not making their life a total misery with the hardest levels of virtual torture. Simply playing. With fun and joy. Very well priced as well. Wii is most popular as a second console for many. Kept on the side for a family night in or just an after party. And even keeping fit. Games can actually make people exercise. Brilliant isn’t it? It even does well with driving. Well not proper driving, but still very good for Mario Cart races for instance. Countless multiplay possibilities. Making stronger effect then the Gran Turismo game.

Great timing

And the latest and very interesting thing. Believe it or not but currently, Nintendo Wii is the only platform with the latest Formula One game support. Codemasters are not even close to releasing F1 2010 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. Sony and Microsoft’s worshippers will have to wait for at least another good six months or so. There are F1 versions for PSP and iPhone, but using a decent steering wheel is impossible there. So Wii is the new number one in video game racing. I don’t thing anyone was expecting this ever to happen, but facts are real. Logitech have made and put in production a Wii compatible steering wheel with force feedback and rotation angle features. Perfect match for any racing seat simulator. Logitech Speed Force Wireless and OpenWheeler will make you forget everything you knew about racing. Because that’s the way forward. At least till September. Maybe even longer.