Nintendo Wii Video Game Console

Revolution in the game industry

Wii was officially released in the UK on 8th of December 2006 and never abandoned the top of the charts since then.
Nintendo’s ultimate best seller Wii made a revolution in the video game genre. It has outstanding features and unique phenomenal game play. Wii brought the fun side of gaming back on. Nintendo took a totally different route with diverting gameplay. And it all paid back.


The “Wii” stands for We. A console for everyone. The whole family from youngest to oldest members. The unique controls solution simply amazes. Very small and discrete design makes Wii almost invisible.
The most revolutionary feature the WiiMote with motion sensors that enable gamers to input directly with a wave of their hands. There is also force feedback included allowing the real time rumble experience. Wii remote can also be attached with an analog stick transforming them into Nunchuck controller.
Wii is just great. Fantastic, phenomenal gaming platform. Pioneer in motion sensor game control. Games might be a little bit childish and dull looking, but believe me they are very addictive. So influential and loved. Unbelievable fun for everybody.
There are only a few downsides of course. Like Wii’s maximum resolution of only 480p. Which is actually quite low comparing to Sony’s Play Station 3 1080p full HD graphics. And the second best Microsoft Xbox360 with its 1080i resolution. Plus the processor power. It is kind of slow, which explains a lot about the games genres and visuals. But still, Wii provides enough for the type of market they target. The type of games that do not make you on edge. Games for relaxation and fun. Quite what they all should be in fact.

Most surprisingly

So Wii is proven bestseller and top of fun chart console. But is it good enough for racing simulations? Some may ask why Wii? Well, because at the moment Wii is the platform with the only up to date Formula One game racing simulation. True my fellow racers. The genre has come to Wii’s rescue. With Gran Turismo 5 not coming out for at least another six months and Codemasters not releasing their F1 1010 until September, Nintendo Wii is all thats left for driving.
Its frustrating I know. This is beyond the most optimistic hopes. Even Wii hardcore fans never believed their console’s potential for serious games. What about real complicated racing genre like F1. But luckily we have a solution!
Logitech saved the day again. They made a special steering wheel for Wii. A wheel with all the main features. Force feedback, enough rotation angle and stunning design. Real wheel not that ridiculous round thing Nintendo are trying to make us like. That circle with a remote inside, that you twist around pretending to be steering. Nonsense. Logitech Speed Force Wireless for Nintendo Wii is the real deal. Wheel of highest class with capability to make the funny console a top racing platform. At least until PS3 and Xbox360 get their game versions sorted.
But. As with all the other racing game simulators, having the wheel isn’t changing much. The wheel needs decent support and the body needs proper driving position. Requirements that can only be achieved with a racing seat simulator. Like OpenWheeler for instance. Real car race seat on a durable multifunctional solid chassis. Transforming your living room into an F1 car cockpit.

The facts

I don’t thing Wii had any sense of been in this blog before. But it definitely makes sense now. This is happened to be the only platform that can run latest F1 game with proper steering wheel support. Like it or not.