OpenWheeler Racing Seat Simulator

The Concept


You’ll discover that OpenWheeler is a catch-all-term for purpose built race cars with the wheels located outside the vehicle’s main body. This is distinct, in fact, from cars which have their wheel below the body in the manner of most normal street cars. Formula One racer’s are open-wheelers which is the pre-eminent racing genre as far as open-wheelers are concerned.
The driver’s body is enclosed in an open-wheeler minimal cockpit, defining typical open-wheeler style, with his head exposed to the air. Behind the driver the engine is located, which drive the rear wheels. Most types of open-wheeler have a very low and virtually flat under-tray which helps achieve additional aerodynamic downforce that pushes the car onto the road, with wings positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle.
Open-wheeler vehicles are the fastest and most exciting to drive racing vehicles available, being the best way for aspiring racers to learn their craft. This is due to their light weight, aerodynamic capabilities, powerful engines, that are good for their cost. Before joining the F1 ranks virtually all Formula 1 drivers spent some time in various open-wheeler categories. However, you have to bear in mind that the cars do not particularly resemble road cars, and that the aerodynamics favour leading drivers over tailing competitors, which makes overtaking difficult, and this is not to mention the fragility of the cars rendering the bumping and jostling common in touring and stock car racing well nigh impossible – well, only a few open-wheeler categories will draw significant crowds.


Sim Racing Made Real

But at the same time, however, OpenWheeler, being a racing seat simulator, offers stability and comfort you won’t find that easy. It arrives in a simple design yet is bolstered by high quality materials which make it unique and an eminently suitable accessory as far as any steering wheel and video game platform is concerned. It has a perfect comfort position brought about by the chassis together with a supreme racing seat – this provides all the stability a game racer needs for a total game control.
In fact, it’s the OpenWheeler’s chassis which defines the key part of this most astonishing racing game simulator. You’ll discover its design is both simple, practical, providing gamers with the flexibility and aforementioned stability to operate with any steering wheel or any other game controller. As far as adjustment and position is concerned, OpenWheeler is veritably easy, being made of the lightest materials possible. And, to be honest, it can’t be made much lighter than this, and still combine the same stability specs. You’ll find that adjusting the optimal driving position is a piece of cake, being both easy and intuitive, to the extent it doesn’t matter the gamers size or age either. It becomes the ultimate race cockpit once it’s fixed to the driver’s most preferred angle – and we’re talking simulator here – bringing perfect harmony between driver and race.


It’s just phenomenal the manner in which this wonderful piece of engineering has been designed and produced. The actual line is perfect with nothing being too much, and with everything being just where it has to be, in both simple and effective terms, whilst at the same time remaining so solid and stable. And the metal work is sleek and strong too, with every joint rendered with perfection, and, if you just take a glance at the chassis, you’ll soon appreciate the enormous effort and deep enthusiasm which has gone into the creation of this stunning piece of technical achievement which will leave you awestruck! The paintwork replete with fine powder finish resembles an aircraft design rather than a most durable frame for home entertaining. It really looks as though it’s unnecessarily strong and precise – seriously!





And, as for the arrival of OpenWheeler on the scene – well, it comes with a real racing seat just made for motor racing and which perfectly fits like a glove the chassis structure! In fact, the designers bore in mind maintaining the original mounting base, thus allowing gamers to slide the seat back and forward so as to receive their most preferable driving position. This makes the OpenWheeler a real driving machine with the chassis ultra adjustable functionality. The seat provides the driver with the hold of a real racing car and at the same time completes the open wheel simulator design. And the feeling is incredible where you can’t compare it with anything else played before, and, with the drivers feeling in control the entire time, it relays total car simulation! In fact, we can go as far as to say that, with the right set of steering wheel, the racing seat becomes the ultimate virtual machine.
With lifetime warranty it’s made of extremely light yet durable materials, is easy to assemble, being also foldable for easy storage. It’s the best and most viable solution for those indoor race simulations which matches an unbelievable real life experience. The OpenWheeler comes as a fully adjustable race seat simulator which moves back and forth on durable steel runners. Equally, the steering wheel shelf is also adjustable, this being in terms of height, and, as for different size requirements, the pedal stopper can be moved to suit this. You’ll also find it’s compatible with all major wheel and video game console manufactures.












Design and Features

At first sight it looks really awesome, but when you play it, it feels even better. It transports racing to an entirely new level of simulation, to even greater heights, and, as a gamer, you’ll be pinned to the seat forever! And you will find there’s a lightness and delicacy here that you’ll not have in other simulators. It’s an ideal accessory too for any video console or PC given the ultra flexibility that OpenWheeler provides. And it doesn’t matter what the age or body size the race seat can accommodate anyone and everyone, and of any age group too, as we have said, whether it’s kids as young as four, or senior citizens, who still have the ambition and firepower in them!



In actual fact, OpenWheeler is absolutely brilliant and spot-on which gamers will discover almost immediately, from start-off, the first crucial second … where your living room will be transformed into a race circuit, and particularly if you bear in mind the chassis that is combined with a professional racing seat. And you could say this is what defines the real difference between racing games and racing simulation.
It is completely and utterly unique! This is the experience you’ll get from driving OpenWheeler. It is video racing completely reborn! It’s totally different than using console controllers, keyboards or joysticks. This is real driving where even older and not so good video racers feel vastly improved. It’s faster and more nimble. It’s the seat that makes OpenWheeler exclusive by all and every means. And you’ll find that driving in it is wonderful and exquisite!
In fact, we’d go as far to say, that racing simulation has never been more realistic pitching gamers and their race in perfect harmony and symmetry with this wonderful piece of engineering.
And, if you’re seeking an entirely new level of racing experience, OpenWheeler takes driving simulators to this desirable new plane where you’ll plumb even greater heights.
It’s not only lighter than others but flexible and improved where driving feels live and sprightly. It also combines the lightness and comfort you don’t find in any other simulator.
It’s brilliant, in fact! Drivers feel part of this virtual machine, part of something created by enthusiasts and not technicians. Feel pinned to the seat.
OpenWheeler is a driving machine.