PC Video Game Racing

PCgaming3A gaming computer (also gaming PC) is a personal computer that is capable of playing modern hardcore video games. Gaming computers are very similar to conventional PCs, with the main difference being the addition of a performance-oriented video card and larger amounts of RAM. Large FullHD monitors and latest processors are also compulsory.
The PC was the founder of video gaming and even that console platforms are taking more and more advantage lately, PC are still a very significant part of today’s modern video game world.
The only problems are probably the cost and the actual technical knowledge the users need in order to set up everything fine and optimal.PCgaming
Upgrading your PC hardware doesn’t come cheap at all. The only way to keep up with the super fast changing video game demands is to upgrade quite often. And also, you need to be a bit technical. Otherwise you may end up in the PC repair shop in no time. Optimizing your video game experience is definitely not a step by step operation. It is very complex as well. Operating system, computer hardware and game software need to be in perfect setting if you want to get the best out of it. And we all know that PCs can crash and change setting for no reason known. Maybe this is the main reason for the consoles to get ahead so much.PCgaming2
Video game racing originates from a PC. Maybe not everyone remembers, but classics like Need For Speed and Test Drive series were made for PC long before any of these super powerful console platforms to be even dreamed of. The first Test Drive came out in 80s! And even then, it was magical. It’s true that we had to use most of our imagination to create a race simulation, but what we had 20 years ago was unforgettable. Even now with all the latest consoles and wheel devices, I still think of my first computer with 10” monochrome display. Even some of the driving tricks I use today come from that mythical TestDrive1.
And not just driving. So many other games were first made for PC.ATI
PC was and still is the ultimate gaming platform. A little bit complicated and frustrating sometimes, but still a video game powerhouse for many.