Play Seat

The other racing seat simulator I tested was the Game Seat A1GP. They call it       PlaySeatThe ultimate racing seat.
Play Seat has acquired a license for A1 Grand Prix to produce the official A1 GP Play seat. This seat is able to gap the bridge between real life track racing and gaming, offering a high tech race product! All true! It really does the job very, very well.
First of all it is light. Lighter then the Game Racer. This is the first thing you notice when you receive the next day fast delivery. It was packaged quite well and installation was  peace of cake. After only a few minutes  I managed to assemble the seat  and ready for the race.  Well, not before going through all the adjustment settings of course. But still that was quicker then the Game Racer. Most probably because of the actual components weight. It was easier to operate with them.
The seat is foldable which makes it very compact to store, if you really want to go through all the folding and unfolding operations every time you want to play. Its annoying  that’s all. Nothing too bad.
When you look at the simulator you see it is light. The problem is though, the materials used for the chassis are light, but also seem a bit cheap and not strong enough.
You look at the Game Racer and first thing you notice is that the package is solid. Tough and stable. Of course the two advantages are both valid, but apparently you can not have them both. Its either light but not so strong, or proper stable and a bit heavy to move about with it.
I had the Logitech’s G25 wheel to try on with the A1 Grand Prix. I must say  this seat really is designed around that amazing peace of racing hardware – the G25. It attaches easy to the wheel and pedals plates and thanks to the 2 way pedal plate fixing you can customise the pedal position for your best preferred angle. Some feature you’ll definitely find useful with the G25 is the 3 pedal set. It has a clutch pedal as well.PlaySeatFront
The seat is  stable, comfortable, and really feels like an actual racing seat. It is fully adjustable so any size person can quickly set it to their height. I later ordered the gear shifter adapter and once installed it completely finished the cockpit off. It makes you “feel” the race alive. It totally changes your idea of computer gaming.
Still the race experience depends on your console and wheel hardware but  the seat just completes the whole set. It makes you enjoy even old games. Games you haven’t even thought of playing again. Ever! The level of immersion and realism is outrageous.
Again, like in the Game Racer you feel one with the virtual car. You feel much more confident on your driving style and just cant get enough of it. On the GT5 game I just couldn’t stop playing. The more I raced the more I wanted to keep trying different cars and circuits. I was pinned to the race seat and even I spent all afternoon playing on it, I didn’t feel tired or my body stiffed at all. Seriously there was no side effect on my back or neck after spending 5 hours of racing.
Same with my Xbox360. I just missed the G25 racing wheel. But having the different game choices makes you quickly forget about the “not” so big advantages of the Logitech‘s crown jewel.
Test Drive again was unbelievable great fun. The graphics are even more vivid when you watch from your racing seat. After testing my second ever driving seat I more and more started to realize that racing games are nothing without the seat.
Once you’ve tried one you will never be able to compromise with your race again. You are hooked for life.
Things were looking a little bit different on the F1 game for my Play station 3. The Play Seat Elite was kinda high. The Game Racer lays lower and the driver gets better feeling driving the F1 car. More like the real thing I suppose. PlaySeatBack
Formula One Championship Edition is a good racer that is just accessible enough to newcomers while still being deep enough for long time fans. You will love the paddle gear changing on the G25 and GT wheels. With the right wheel position and your back support by the  Game Seat A1GP you’ll just have an experience you never had before. Changing gears with the paddle gear box while taking a 180mph corner is so alive and thrilling.
I was there. In the cockpit of my Ferrari. I felt I was a real F1 driver. I wanted to put gloves and racing helmet just to complete the real time simulation I was in.
I didn’t win that race. I finished 5th. But I was so happy and excited I just took a walk round my house and sat in the simulator again. Doing the whole race weekend from the beginning. Practice, qualification sessions, the race…..
I had some friends coming over the day after. It was impossible to get rid of them after they tried my race seat. One of them even said, that he was going to sell his car and buy 50” telly with a race seat and never go to the race track again. “Where else I can afford to drive F40 for as long I want” he said….
So yeah, great fun. And not just fun. I  took driving with Game Seat for a very real experience. I mean once you’ve learnt a few driving tricks and got familiar with the actual racing game (no matter the platform you are on), you are a race driver. You start paying much more attention on your car settings, weather conditions, the amount of fuel you put in, etc. etc. You become a pilot. You feel every lap from start to finish. You feel your engine, you listen to it worrying you’ll get a technical failure 10 laps before the end. You cross the chequered flag wining the race and you feel so emotional. You don’t just skip the animation, you do the parade lap, waving to the crowds……

Having a racing seat simulator in your home is an investment. Not a very small one as well. But it is worth it. Honest. Having the Game Racer Elite or the  Game Seat A1GP is not a cheap solution. But it is still cheaper, much cheaper then the rest of the driving simulators out there. And I must say it is better. Better for home use anyway. Size matters once you have it in your living room and have to store it away after every  driving session.
Both of them simulators are not perfect. But are quite a value for the money.