Race On Video Game Racing Simulation


Race On is the latest racing solution form SimBin. Its their 10th video driving simulation. Using the high level skill of the Swedish video game developer, this is probably their most interesting title so far. The game features all the drivers, tracks and cars of the World Touring Car Championship.

New game made better

A very similar to the previous SimBin racing titles. But his time with much greater track and car numbers. Laguna Seca! Yes, it is here now. What a fine finish for this remarkable game engine. There isn’t a better track to show Race On’s phenomenal abilities. Plus there are over seven Scandinavian tracks from STCC – The Game. Which together with Race 07’s tracks and cars, make quite a variety. Plus all new four American muscle cars and European International Formula Master.
The game features Cadillac CTS-V, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger SRT8, Dodge Charger etc. The complete Swedish Touring Car Championship, the World Touring Car Championship, the US Muscle Car Series and Formula Masters. A true colossal amount of cars and tracks. E very rare feature in today’s racing games.
But above all, the real racing potential this game has. Absolute racing spirit. Especially in the Formula Master Championship. You feel every tension and every bump on the track. Changing gears has never been sounder and live. Muscle cars feel very heavy and slippery. It takes some serious driving skills to manage to get around Laguna Seca’s legendary corners with big American muscle.
One and only negative. The game is only available for PC. Which might not be a hell of a problem, but still sorting out powerful enough PC with large screen isn’t the cheapest. At least all the good steering wheels will work. The top of the line Logitech wheels are all compatible with the game. And this is a good side.
Logitech G25 made us loose a day not being able to get off the racing seat simulator. We used OpenWheeler cockpit and believe me, this game was unbelievable. So fine and precise. Realism to the very last bit of track behavior. Thanks to the real car seat of the OpenWheeler and the supremacy of the G25 wheel, we were able to actually go beyond and above in understanding the real potential of Race On. It is endless.

What a game

Powerful and accurate, this game will change many basics in the genre. If they can only make work on PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. This venture will definitely win some charts.

Developer: SimBin Studios
Publisher: bitComposer Games
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Release date: October 16, 2009