Race Pro Xbox360

I remember hearing about Simbin and their long running GT series, but I never actually had a chance to try any of them. Friends have spoken so well about the Swedish studio’s skills of making proper race games, but I really didn’t see the point of playing one. Maybe because of my move to consoles and racing seat simulators. The GT were only available for PC for so many years. And it was a little bit hard for racing game fans. You know, expensive video cards and monitors, the lack of decent screen sizes, race simulators aren’t that comfortable when you have to  play in front of your desk, etc. But  not any more. . . .
They have released their latest title and its for Xbox360. It’s called – Race Pro. And it is a game made for real racing.RaceProGrid

The first impression is a bit low to be honest. The game doesn’t inspire with great looking graphics and sounds. It may even be called ugly by some. But for others, who know the true meaning of racing game, Race Pro will probably be the best thing that happened to them this year. This is a game made for racing, by people who know racing. All true! Simbin founder Henrik Roos used to be a professional GT driver. In the GT Championship!

The Plot
The career mode is where you truly understand the depth and precision of the game. There are eight race groups with up to seven different contracts. Contracts you buy yourself in, using credits. Credits that you earn in races. You can approach each contract on three levels of difficulty: amateur, semi-pro and pro. The amount of credit earned, depends on the level of difficulty you have chosen. WRaceProInsideCarDetailhich is something quite motivating. Very good thing to have in a racing game.RaceProGamePlay

Game Play
When playing on the pro level, you’ll see just how incredible this game is. Handling is phenomenal. What you get is pure racing. You will need some previous experience though. You need to know a thing or two about the real race cars behavior. Some people might find this very annoying and frustrating but believe me, there is no real racing sim game that is easy and fun to play. The pleasure comes with the driving. The better you get, the better you understand the game. And the better you appreciate it.

The car park is vast. You have Audis, Vipers, Ferraris, Porches etc. Even the Koenigsegg CCX is here. You can also race open wheelers like Lola class or formula BMW. And the main thing: every car acts and handles different. They all have their own unique physics. Something you will really feel when driving in a race seat simulator. With the right steering wheel, you will have the race of your life.

RaceProFormulaBMW The Verdict
Even that the game graphics aren’t that great and look quite stiff sometimes, you wont be bothered at all. The race experience, this game gives, is unbelievable. Its all about the car there. No one gives a rat about the environment. Trust me, the game play will make even the hardest special effects dreamers, to put their heads down in respect. Respect for what these almost forgotten guys have managed to create.
Its definitely not an arcade you can just waste an afternoon with. Its a real unforgiving race simulator. One of the very real ones indeed.

Developer: SimBin
Publisher: Atari
Platform: Xbox360
Release date: February 17, 2009