Racing Seat

If you are a real race fan and love your video race simulations you need a proper racing seat set. You just cant compromise with your race. RaceSeat
We all know the frustration you get when your pedals slide under your feet or your desk or coffee table just turn together with your wheel. If this happens on your perfect lap you are just ruined. We all know the feeling.
No. If you want to race well you need a race seat. The seat and the chassis offer stability you will never get from a table and a chair. Stability you NEED in order to push your car to the limit. When driving in a race simulator you feel relaxed and much more confident. You show your real skills on the track. Instead of putting so much effort in actually trying to keep your wheel from going all over the place, you race. You need this in order to get your car to the point of ultimate speed.RaceSeatSimulator
Of course the complete race simulator depends very much on the wheel you use, but even if you have the very simple and cheap wheel and pedals set, you still feel better.
There is not real drive simulation without a race seat.SimRacing