Sequential Shift Paddles in Video Race Steering Wheels

Paddels2Racing wheels are the preferred method of control for use in all driving simulators. They are usually packaged with a set of pedals for gas, brake, and sometimes clutch activation, as well as various shifter controls. An analog wheel and pedal set such as this allows the user to accurately manipulate steering angle and pedal control that is required to properly manage a simulated car, as opposed to digital control such as a keyboard. The relatively large range of motion further allows the user to more accurately apply the controls. Racing wheels have been developed for use with game consoles, PC‘s, and also for professional driving simulators for race drivers.Paddles1
Some of the steering wheels available today are equipped with sequential shift paddles. This feature allows drivers to manually shift gears without taking their hands off the wheel. Depressing the right paddle shifts into a higher gear, while depressing the left paddle shifts into a lower one.
This system of video game racing control is inherited from the real life super sports cars and of course the ultimate motor sport competition – The Formula One.Paddles2
There are many video game accessories manufacturers that provide this option on their steering wheel systems. Not all are great for a proper race simulation, but most of them are good enough for the job.
The Logitech range doesn’t need introducing. Their whole line of steering wheels is absolutely amazing. Form cheap models like the Formula™ Vibration Feedback Wheel to the top of the range G27 Racing Wheel. Of course the more expensive models are better, but for someone who is not so much into race simulations, the entry versions will always do the job right.Paddles3
The sequential gear shifting of G27 is nothing like a race simulation. It feels like the real thing. Like a real Mazerati GranTurismo super car. It is seriously unbelievable.
It looks like this kind of gear changing is getting more and more popular in car manufacturing. It gets more affordable as well. So hopefully very soon every video game wheel will have one of these. And hopefully it will be as good as the real thing.