Simbin Video Racing Games

GT1SimBin Studios is a Swedish video game developer and publisher founded in 2003 that develops racing simulators for Windows and current generation consoles. The company has its headquarters in VARA and the main development studio in Gothenburg. The company originally started as a modding team for the Image Space Incorporated game F1 2002, releasing a mod based on the 2002 season of the FIA GT championship, essentially the precursor to its first commercial game.RacePro
The company has already released GTR – FIA GT Racing Game, GT Legends, a sequel to GTR racing called GTR – FIA GT Racing Game 2, all published by 10Tacle as well as RACE – The Official WTCC Game published by EIDOS Interactive and RACE 07 – The Official WTCC Game which was the first SimBin game to include Formula cars. RACE 07 has (as of December 2008) gone on to have two expansion packs released for it: GTR Evolution and STCC – The Game. An Xbox 360 version of GTR was in production and due to be published by THQ, however the game was put on hold and it’s thought to have been canceled altogether. SimBin recently released a game for Xbox 360, titled RACE Pro. Also, another as of yet untitled project is planned for the PlayStation 3. A new video game titled Race On has been confirmed to be available on October 22, 2009.GTR2
They are very serious racing simulations developers. Their titles are nothing but real video game racers. The perfect companion for any race seat sim. Wheel systems feel absolutely amazing when played with RacePro. The only thing SimBin are still missing is the actual PlayStation3 support. Their games will only work on Xbox360 and PC, but not all titles. The lack of PS3 support is not that unfortunate, but the real problem is the proper wheels compatibility. Best wheels are only made for PlayStation, as all race sim maniacs know.GT2