Sony in Video Game Racing

SonyLogoSony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCE) is a video game company specializing in a variety of areas in the video game industry, and is a full subsidiary of Sony. The company was established on November 16, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan prior to the launch of the original PlayStation video game system.SonyGT5
Sony is so much involved in video game racing that it doesn’t need any introduction at all. After the PlayStation generation, the company had become an unreachable benchmark for all the rest. There isn’t a single video game racer that hasn’t been released for the Sony’s PS2 and PS3 console models. Where else you can get a better real driving simulation. The super powerful platform is just made for this kind of video gaming. Some of the latest video race titles are simply out of this world. There are times better than their Xbox360 or Nintendo versions. Not to mention the real reason for PlayStation to become the ultimate video racing machine – The GranTurismo and Formula One series.
This is where people go stunned. Both games are simply what sim racing is all about. Sometimes they even feel too advanced for todays gaming control solutions. The car choice is like no other game. The latest GranTurismo offers 950 cars! 950 peaces of supreme design and unique behavior. The only problem Sony have is the actual game releases. They are always late. Very very annoying indeed.SonyF1CE-2
The F1 simulator is just the same. No other video game had offered better graphics and game physiques so far. No other platform can accommodate something so detailed and fine.SonyGT5-2
Too bad they lost the contract with FIA for 2010 championship. But knowing who the new licensee is, I am quite sure that F1 is coming home pretty soon. Codemasters will never manage to create a good enough Formula One video race simulator.
There is no better platform for video racing than Sony and no better version than the PS3. No doubt.SonyF1CESonyMotoStorm