Superstars V8 Racing


The Verdict

Superstars V8 is a racing video game based on the Italy’s International Superstars Series. SuperCarV8BMW3

Its only based though. Nothing else in the game has  anything to do with car racing. The game is wrong in so many ways. It feels like the video racers from the early 90s. The cars just float round the track, like they have been pasted in the picture by some photo editing amateur. Black Bean have really tried to make the game look fine. But there are so many missing ingredients.
They’ve put the BMWs, the AUDIs and the Jags plus a huge variety of circuits, but none of these can take your attention. Even for a second. It was probably the budget, but for me the real reason is that they are just missing the real deal of making a proper racing game. Sometime the game feels like they’ve just swapped the original SBK bikes with touring cars. I had the bad feeling this is exactly what they’ve done. They just used the old SBK game engine for that new game.SuperCarV8gameplay
Apparently they don’t make a difference between two and four wheels on the track.SuperstarsV8bmw4

Using a proper racing seat simulator is no help as well. No steering wheel will make a difference in your race experience. It will simply make you even more frustrated. The game is just hopeless.

Superstars is probably only suitable for little kids with no knowledge in racing cars behavior and track response.

Developer: Milestone
Publisher: Black Bean Games/Codemasters
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3,  PC;
Release date: June 26, 2009