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OpenWheeler Racing Seat Simulator

OpenWheeler Racing Seat Driving Simulator. All the stability and comfort a real simracer will ever need. Simple and yet very solid design and a real race seat, created around games of all ages. All steering wheels supported.

Sequential Shift Paddles in Video Race Steering Wheels

Paddels2The fastest and most exiting way of changing gears in your virtual race simulator. The closest a sim driver can get to real super car feeling.

Wireless Technology in Video Game Controllers and Accessories

MicrosoftXbox360WirelessRacingWheel Wireless technology becomes an everyday feature in almost every type electronic devices. But is it really ready for video game racing simulations?

Video Game Steering Wheels with Clutch

LogitechG27The ultimate steering wheel control system. The clutch pedal takes you closer to the real drive than any other automatic shifting option.

HDMI Video Racing Games

HDMIThe latest high definition audio and video interface for HD televisions and monitors.

Sony in Video Game Racing

SonyLogoSony is not just the most powerful video game console manufacturer. It is actually the foundation behind the most powerful video racing games, as well.

HD-DVD Player in Video Game Racing

Xbox360HDDVDThe Microsoft’s Xbox360 HD-DVD player was introduced in 2006. Although this device never had an actual gaming purpose, it was welcomed by many. It was purely designed for view HD-DVD content like movies and high definition programs and video.

Blu-Ray in Video Racing Games

BluRayLogoThe latest High Definition Optical Drive. Enormous multimedia possibilities for the greatest game realism yet.