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Console Video Game Platforms

Ps3NewA quick review thought the history of the most popular way of video game racing. Consoles have never been a better platform for ultra racing experience.

Off-Road Video Racing

Dirt2The video game racing genre with the most thrilling game play and physics. You will never be bored when playing an off road rally game.

Video Game Steering Wheels

G27The video game control accessory that no race simulation is complete without. Same as the real driving world, there is no other way of getting to the point of the ultimate race.

Quick Race Mode

gtiThe easiest and the least technical way of experience a video race simulation. The perfect game mode for arcade style driving gaming.

Sega Rally

SegaRallyRevo The long gone rally classic is back. Better and more alive than ever. Extremely impressive video racer. An arcade racing benchmark.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

MSPRdiskCoverThe sequel of Sony’s 2007 off road inferno is here. Better than the original by times. Totally reformed visuals with unbelievable vehicles behavior.