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TOCA Touring Car Video Game Racing Series

A quick review of Codemasters longest running video game racing series. Grand Touring racing to its core.

Logitech Driving Force Wireless Steering Wheel

Logitech’s latest wireless steering wheel model. Fantastic entry level driving accessory for everyone.

Play Station 2 Video Games Platform

Ps2SlimThe longest living video game console from Sony. Best ever selling gaming platform. And probably the best racing foundation.

PSP Play Station Portable Video Game Platform

pspThe ultimate gaming and multimedia power of PlayStation in your pocket. The latest internet and wireless possibilities available everywhere you go.

Sony in Video Game Racing

SonyLogoSony is not just the most powerful video game console manufacturer. It is actually the foundation behind the most powerful video racing games, as well.

Blu-Ray in Video Racing Games

BluRayLogoThe latest High Definition Optical Drive. Enormous multimedia possibilities for the greatest game realism yet.

GranTurismo5 Prologue

GT5PrLondonRaceThe latest in the long time developed edition of the highly successful GranTurismo series. The most realistic driving game for many. A well deserved Real Driving Simulator description.