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Sony in Video Game Racing

SonyLogoSony is not just the most powerful video game console manufacturer. It is actually the foundation behind the most powerful video racing games, as well.

Black Bean Video Racing Games

SuperStarsV8The video game studio best known for their quite good SuperBike race simulations and the not so good SuperStarsV8 game.

International Superstars Series Italy

SuperStars3The Campionato Italiano Superstars ("Italian Superstars Championship") is a production-based touring car racing championship held since 2004.

Off-Road Video Racing

Dirt2The video game racing genre with the most thrilling game play and physics. You will never be bored when playing an off road rally game.

Rockstar San Diego Video Racing Games

MidNightClubThe video game studio behind the original tuner of all times - The MidNight Club series.

AutoSculpt Customization in Video Racing Games

NFSproNeed for Speed’s performance tuning feature. Car tuning has never been better.

Underground Video Racing Games

NFSundergrThe video game racing genre, representing the real life, tuner type, illegal street racing.

Electronic Arts Video Racing Games

EA Games LogoElectronic Arts Gaming has an enormous contribution to video game racing. It all started with the Need for Speed series, but didn’t stop there.