THQ Video Game Racing


THQ International, short for Toy Head Quarters is a worldwide international American developer and publisher of video games. It was found in 1989 and has been developing video game consoles games, handhelds, PC and Mac platforms.
Even though company’s main orientation is general gaming, there are some titles from the racing genre. Games like Juiced 1 and 2, Baja, Moto GP series, MX Vs. ATV have their solid number of followers.

Good enough racing for everyone

Racing games without such a great realism but still preferred by many. Not exactly the racing simulations type though. They don’t necessarily shout serious driving with any special features. There is no need for sophisticated steering wheels and racing seat simulators. No, the normal PlayStation3 or Xbox360 controls will do just fine.

Unpretentious and yet quite good, THQ’s racing titles are simply brilliant. Especially if you the underground custom made cars type. Who like drifting all night long in the streets of worlds’s best cities. Or a gamer who loves Moto GP races and motor cross off road madness.