Thrustmaster Video Gaming Accessories

ThrustMaster2ThrustMaster, is a designer and developer of joysticks, game controllers, and steering wheels for PCs and video gaming consoles alike. It has many licensing agreements with third party, prestigious brands such as Ferrari, TOP GUN, Beretta and Splinter Cell as well as licensing some products under Xbox license.
An institution in video gaming and especially in video racing. Their product range is probably the biggest and with most competitive prices levels as well. ThrustMaster is mostly Xbox and PC orientated, but some of their wheels are PlayStation compatible, like the Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel.ThrustMaster1
Even though ThrustMaster are mainly famous with their joystick solutions, their video race wheels collection is quite the business. They have it all, from force feedback wheels with 900 degree rotation to 3rd clutch pedal options.
For most, their wheels aren’t that good as the Logitech’s, but when you try any of them, you’ll be very much surprised by the way they handle your drive. They are simply ok, nothing is missing in them. All they probably need is to become a little bit more “friendly” with the strong of the day like PS3 and GT5! Great driving seat simulator accessory.Hotas