TOCA Touring Car Video Game Racing Series


TOCA Touring Car Championship is a racing video game series developed and published by Codemasters.
It was originally only focusing only on touring cars championships. But with the latest editions the game started to cover wider variety of motor sport. The series began in 1997 and since then the franchise has been released on PC, Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP, and Microsoft Xbox and Xbox360 video game platforms. Until the fourth edition the games used to be named TOCA 1,2,3. But since its fourth title in the series, each new title is released under different name in different countries. Like Pro Race in the USA, DTM Race Driver in Germany and V8 Superstars in Australia.

What’s new

The latest in the series is Race Driver GRID. Previously known as Race Driver One. This is the official sequel to TOCA Race Driver 3.
In its phenomenal history TOCA series have deliver almost every race car and track available. Even though gameplay can not compare with Gran Turismo, this is a very lovable title. Especially for non PlayStation owners.
TOCA has done a very good job in representing touring cars championships form all around the world in the best way possible. Very solid foundation for future racing simulations as well. And with Codemasters getting more and more of the official FIA licenses, racers can only imagine the endless possibilities of the series.

Not just another racing franchise

The perfect environment for any decent steering wheel and racing seat simulator. Wheels like Logitech with tremendous force feedback effects and 900 degree rotation will show their full potential with any of the latest TOCA editions. Proper set for cockpits like OpenWheeler. Gamers will be transformed into reality. Real touring cars going as fast as possible in your living room.
Series with remarkable value for the genre. Pioneers never slowing down in creating better and more realistic video game racing simulators.