Underground Video Racing Games

NFSundergrUnderground video racing is the video game gender that represents the street tuner type of illegal motor vehicle competitions. These games are most known for their arcade style gameplay. They are not quite a driving simulation, although they are favorite for many.
The gaming experience is very live and vivid. Cars are normally equipped with boost options and many bodywork accessories, that make performance astonishing. Normally this type of video racing simulations come with a plot. A story in which the driver gets involved in order to achieve better cars or cash reserves. But pure street racing is the actual game core.
The most famous underground video racing games titles are the Need for Speed and the Midnight Club series. They were the original tuner culture games. With great compatibility, these series have permanently set foundations in the gender. They work fine on every platform, PlayStation3, Xbox360 or a PC. Even the handhelds like PSP and Nintendo.Undergr2
Even though this video racing type can not provide realistic driving simulation experience, the games are huge success. They are proper arcade racing, but are still very much ok with a racing seat simulator. Depending on the wheel system you have, you might get some real life street race fun right in the middle of your room.MuscleNFSmostWanted