Video Game Steering Wheels with Clutch

LogitechG27Racing wheels are the preferred method of control for use in all driving simulators. They are usually packaged with a set of pedals for gas, brake, and sometimes clutch actuation. The clutch pedal option was kind of a rare function in the past, but lately it has become a very popular and affordable extra in most wheels. Of course not every wheel maker can provide the 3rd pedal, that is actually working. It takes some serious engineering to design this feature.
The big names in the industry have made it as real as possible. Logitech with their G25 and G27 steering wheel systems have set the benchmark for the clutch pedal function. ThrustMaster are very close as well, although they only offer one model the RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition. And its only compatible with PC. Too bad it doesn’t work with PlayStation3 or Xbox360, because this really is a lovely peace of hardware with a price that won’t make you think twice when buying one.ThrustMaster
Realistically, clutch pedal option is not quite in gear yet. Not many are keen to develop and produce wheels with 3rd pedal. The reason is probably the lack of actual game software that is real enough for clutch action. Not every racing simulation can provide the thrill of drivers manipulating their own gear shifting, when and how they want it exactly. And for most of the gamers who only use the gas and brake pedals, the clutch might become an annoying thing nobody ever uses but still have to learn how to work around it. You can’t just undo it and put it in the box. The 3rd pedal is always there, you use it or not.