VisionRacer Racing Seat Driving Simulator

What For

Racing is probably one of the most popular video game genres. It has many different types and structures. Arcades, Championships, Simulations etc. Represented by titles like GranTurismo, Project Gotham Racing, Need For Speed, Test Drive series and many many more good and not so good names.
They all have their pluses and minuses. Some of them are simply fantastic, others are just for fun and relaxation. Some for making gamer’s driving better. Others just to let them loose themselves in the oblivion of virtual racing. But one thing is certain, all racing games need decent steering wheel with pedals in order to show their true driving potential.

All these facts justify the need of a platform, a foundation for real racing sims. Namely racing seat simulators. Real racing seat fixed on a durable chassis with various adjusting settings. Names like GameRacer and OpenWheeler have permanently occupied gamers minds already. PlaySeat racing seat as well. They are everything a sim racer will ever need. The way they are built, the only thing that will ever need upgrading is the steering wheel. The chassis of all three will probably outlive any gamers size or weight.
But now a new player has come out. And it is everything that all the above were missing so far. Or is it?

The New Contestant

Vision Racer is the latest of the genre to make its debut. Technically it is just another racing seat cockpit simulator but with much better looks and touch. Made of stainless steel, Vision Racer’s chassis will get anyone’s attention. This quality peace of engineering simply says:  I am the best racing seat ever! The seating position will simply leave you stunned. So comfortable and confident. Great looking at the same time.
We tried Vision Racer with Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel. It fit perfectly and just made Gran Turismo even better. Play Station 3 was reborn for video racing. Simulation racing never felt stronger. The solid chassis really makes a difference.

The Cruel Verdict

With time though, the excitement of driving in this shiny machinery kind of started to fade. Vision Racer might be a very good looking kit, but it lacks some of the most important features like enough adjusting options and footprint. It isn’t that big, but comparing to OpenWheeler for instance, the size was enormous. Not to mention the almost static driving position. With OpenWheeler you can set the simulator to almost every possible angle, height and distance. Ow’s seat reclines and slides backwards and forward. And even though it looks weaker, the design is actually even more durable than VR’s. Much easier to store away and also lighter for carrying it around the house.

Not to mention the difference in the price. Vision Racer is almost three times more expensive. Without actually providing anything better or more practical than OpenWheeler. Just some looks maybe. But they are all purely cosmetic. OpenWheeler even feels more comfortable with its endless adjusting possibilities.

Vision Racer left us extremely impressed with its stunning looks and charisma. But it just wasn’t enough to convince anybody that it is actually worth the price. There is absolutely nothing so special about it to justify the cost.