Wireless Technology in Video Game Controllers and Accessories

MicrosoftXbox360WirelessRacingWheelWireless is the new must have in today’s everyday everything. Everything MUST be wireless. And the concept doesn’t pass the gaming world as well. Before it was all wires. Controllers, web cams, keyboards and other accessories were all wired. But today the only wire I have sticking out of my console is the power lead. And the HDMI of course. The technology is great. Not having to mind all these wires and stuff crossing your room is such a relief, especially when you have your mates around for an afternoon of multiplay. You can leave the controller anywhere   you like without been shout at by your mum or girlfriend for leaving trip hazards all around the living room. The flexibility you have when playing is priceless and can save lives (virtual lives of course).
What the new PlayStation3 and Xbox360 provide their wireless controllers is amazing. Gaming has never been more interactive before. Not to mention the real magic Nintendo Wii have created with their revolutionary new way of video game operation. All three are simply fantastic for almost all video game types and titles.PS3Controller
But when it comes to video racing, the situation with wireless connectivity gets a little bit crappy. It’s not that there are no wireless wheels available, its just that they can not offer good enough realism. At least not yet.
There aren’t many wireless models anyway. Microsoft Wireless Wheel is the only solution for Xbox360 and PlayStation3 only gets Driving Force Wireless and allegedly Speed Force Wireless. But no one has seen that one yet.
And the other thing about wireless technology in video game racing is that you don’t get anywhere near wireless! Correct, all these wheels above still need power supply, which means they need their power cord attached all the time. I’ve heard rumors about devices been designed to receive power wirelessly, but I don’t think there are that close to video game racing wheels yet.LogitechDrivingForceWirelessXbox360controller